Top Five BBQ Grills For The Outdoors


Probably no one would argue when we say that barbecue grilling is mostly enjoyed outdoors than inside the house.

Whether it is an informal party or a simple family weekend, the smell of sizzling and juicy hamburgers, hot dogs and meat is something to crave for. Thus, there is really a need for a perfect outdoor barbecue grill which will somehow complement our moods during those hot afternoon barbecue parties.

Purchasing an outdoor grill may be easy; but choosing the one that is perfect for you is hard. Just as there are many types of outdoor barbecues, there are also many types of outdoor barbecue grills. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. That being said, this article lists down the top five outdoor barbecue grills that have been popular over the years.

Gas barbecue grills.

Perhaps this is one of the most used barbecue grills in the world today. From the name itself, it’s a barbecue grill fueled by propane or natural gas. Compared to other grills, it is easier to use. This is perfect for outdoors as it can be easily moved around because of its wheeled base. Also, a gas bbq grill is deemed the best outdoor barbecue grill for those who want to cook or fire up a grill without the hassle of intensive preparation.

By just simply turning on the burner and setting it to a particular level, one will just wait until the food is perfectly grilled or cooked. However, most people would say that tastes of foods grilled on gas grills are not that great as those of natural charcoal grills. If you are looking for the intense smoky flavor of your barbecue, gas grills may not be the one for you.

Charcoal Grills.

Despite the many modifications of barbecue grills, traditional charcoal grills still made it to the list because of its wide usage, less expense and easy set-up. Unlike any other grills which require gas fuels or electricity, charcoal grills only require a pit and some charcoals. Most people argue that a charcoal grill is more expensive than gas grills. However, majority still wants to use it because the flavor it gives to the foods is incomparable.

If you are the one who wants his barbecue to be smoky and perfectly grilled, then charcoal grill is the best for you. The only downside in the use of this type of grill is the time involved. It takes at least 45 minutes to start the coal and preheat the grill. In addition, you can spend more time cleaning up your grill and disposing the ashes after you use it.

Electric Grills.

Available both indoor and outdoor, electric grills are very common nowadays because they are easy to use and to clean. Unlike charcoal and gas grills, this type of grill takes out the stress in preheating and cleaning residues in the grill. This would be very appropriate for those who live in places where the use of charcoal or gas is prohibited.

But like the gas grills, the tastes of foods produce by electric grills are not the same compared to traditional fire-powered ones. If you are the type of person who thinks barbecue must be smoky, then an electric grill is definitely not for you.

Portable Grills.

From the name itself, this type of outdoor barbecue grill is handy and can be transferred from place to place. Run either propane or charcoal, this type of grill is perfect for picnics and outdoor get-togethers. You can even grill hotdogs in it while waiting for your friends in the parking lot.

Because it can be easily carried, you can have a barbecue party wherever and whenever you want. However, the only problem is you cannot cook or grill a great number of foods all at the same time. Since it is smaller compared to other grills, grilling large number of foods won’t be done simultaneously.


Deemed as the microwave of the outdoor kitchen, infrared is gaining popularity since its conception. This type of grill gives the same taste with that of a charcoal grill without the smoke and all the mess. The technology is the most recent in all barbecue grills because it uses a ceramic tile in radiating heat which makes the food cooked evenly.

Employing varied technology, infrared barbecue grills are very powerful. In fact, they can easily make large meat tender without using a microwave. They are brutally powerful that small meat, fish and vegetables become so hard to cook because they will be easily crushed and burned.

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